Friday, March 25, 2011

ideas/ notes

Hey guys,

Here is my poster idea and some quick notes from our class talk on the posters and concept ideas

The pictures would be very basic everyday things that inspired our products, the white area that talks abot DFIX would be come out and be like a business card with all of the information for our show. I thought this would be nice because a business card size is easy to leave on your desk or display then a poster. The the back of the poster would be black and were the card was would be like a view finder. One could use it to focus in on things in there own environment and how they could change or use it better.

Big corporation it looks like windows in a big corporation

Frame would be the big change, and our projects would be the difference, looking through an image to see the change

View finder was a magnifying glass the images where small, - Sherlock Homes

Looking closely, through, looking at the details,

Affordability – not just the money but the time and resources, the people and how it is put together

Frugal- pushes you to be innovative. Extremeness of economical

Looking and synonymies and anonyms of the word to create an image

Images that deal with extreme/ ridiculously frugal

Something that is luxurious but made out of toilet paper, something grand made out of something very cheap

Water hand pump as in icon, with the handle changes in to an illustration

Clique example of a hybrid- mermaid

Showing a hybrid that combings affordable with innovation

Mind maps-

Sending money to different orgs that relate to our projects to go off the idea of the money box for Japan

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