Thursday, March 31, 2011

DFIX Poster Idea

I figured if we are cutting this paper with a laser we could cut some perforations for some interactive elements to the poster so they could take some (for lack of a better term) "save the date" cards. So that one poster can be used to give a personal touch.

Also I came up with this narrative that goes along with the poster to explain my idea behind it. I think the narrative may work in general for the show even if we don't use the poster that directly goes with it.

The poster would be an odd size 5in wide by 30 tall.


A light turns on in our minds; an idea is born, but this idea is no ordinary idea. This idea is design.  Design is grown in our minds and is fabricated through the intuitive gestures of our hands that bring into being the innovations that lie in the tips of our fingers. Creating the extremely amazing and affordable design for the betterment of our communities, the country, and the world.

We choose Design because we feel that design makes a difference, it can make the world a better place. Designing for innovation and extreme affordability (DFIX) moves the world forward; creating opportunities that would otherwise not exist.

As students we enter the design world with an open mind and fresh ideas looking for our opportunity to create something amazing. We would be honored if you would join us as we embark on our final journey as Graphic Design Students.



  1. could be the mission statement at the beginning of the book
    also enjoy this poster design

  2. I really like the idea man. I also like the fact that people will be able to take a piece of it with them. Do you think it would be better at 7 inches wide, so that standard (3.5 in) business cards can be taken from it? Just a thought. Also, I don't think the smaller detail lines on the pencil are needed necessarily. Keep clean like the rest of the poster. Great idea, great poster, nice job!

  3. oooh this is awesome! Nicely done!

  4. I really like the content of the poster but I personally think the lines should be closer together and cleaned up a bit if we go with this one.

  5. I love this poster design, but definitely don't need to indicate that the pencil is a #2, and I think the "save the date" cards should have a date on them for the show. Otherwise I like it. Nice job!