Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Could not think of a better way to spend spring break.... designing pool side in 85 degree weather with my roommates!! Although hard to focus at times there is nothing more inspiring and stress relieving than this heat :) not looking forward to returning to MN for a busy schedule and sleep deprivation again.

I don't have anything to post for Kudel since last Thursday because I have been working on my 10 page research paper for color seminar that is due tomorrow!! Except I did finalize how everything will be printed for my specialty prints! I am getting stamps made at STS and embossing everything on my own. Therefore printing everything for my Identity system and most of my packaging on my own! The process for my packaging process is about 85% finalized as well. ahh better get back to work!! :/

It's the final push!! Good luck everyone work hard and keep up the good work!!

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