Thursday, March 31, 2011

DFIX Poster Idea

I figured if we are cutting this paper with a laser we could cut some perforations for some interactive elements to the poster so they could take some (for lack of a better term) "save the date" cards. So that one poster can be used to give a personal touch.

Also I came up with this narrative that goes along with the poster to explain my idea behind it. I think the narrative may work in general for the show even if we don't use the poster that directly goes with it.

The poster would be an odd size 5in wide by 30 tall.


A light turns on in our minds; an idea is born, but this idea is no ordinary idea. This idea is design.  Design is grown in our minds and is fabricated through the intuitive gestures of our hands that bring into being the innovations that lie in the tips of our fingers. Creating the extremely amazing and affordable design for the betterment of our communities, the country, and the world.

We choose Design because we feel that design makes a difference, it can make the world a better place. Designing for innovation and extreme affordability (DFIX) moves the world forward; creating opportunities that would otherwise not exist.

As students we enter the design world with an open mind and fresh ideas looking for our opportunity to create something amazing. We would be honored if you would join us as we embark on our final journey as Graphic Design Students.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just an idea for the poster. I thought it'd be interesting if the poster itself was square. Being a different shape, it would stand out from other posters.

poster design

i didnt know the font that was used, so the info at the bottom is a random one. it would potentially be the same font as used in "design fabrication and innovation for xtreme affordability"

DFIX: Sollie-Style

The poster would be laser-cut on charcoal gray paper

Poster Ideas

I was hoping to have a clean and simple layout for our posters, but I also wanted to include everyone in it. I thought about creating an object by using our all of our names. Something along those lines. Yes, I realize that there is only one class worth of names on this poster, I didn't have a class list for the first section.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

gallery spaces

here's a floor plan of the entire first floor, and another plan of the second floor

Logo EPS specs for making your own Poster


Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011


So my concept behind this logo is to show an emphasis on upward mobility (with the ascending break in the logo). It serves the double purpose of showing something that indeed needs to be fixd. I got the idea from a movie poster called Brothers, here is a link )

Saturday, March 26, 2011


In Bangladesh, naturally occurring arsenic is poisoning shallow tube wells used for drinking water. This exposes 40-70 million Bangladeshis to dangerous toxins that prove fatal when consumed over a period of time. Recent technologies have been studied in order to reduce the toxins in drinking water, however many methods are expensive and can’t be implemented right away.

A team of UC Berkeley faculty and students are designing a device and process utilizing a material known as bottom ash that can remove arsenic from drinking water. Bottom ash removes arsenic in a quick and inexpensive manner. Annual costs for raw materials needed to produce enough ARUBA (Arsenic Removal Using Bottom Ash) for one person is roughly 8 U.S. cents. According to researchers, total treated water costs would be $7- $15 per person, per year. Just 5 grams of pre-treated bottom ash was sufficient to remove the arsenic from 2 liters of 2400 ppb (parts per billion) arsenic-laden water to a level below 50 ppb (the present United States Environmental Protection Agency limit). In addition bottom ash is a material that is considered a waste product and is safe enough for disposal in municipal landfills per EPA.

Clean water should be available to everyone, not just those living in rich communities or those who can afford water purifiers, which is why I wanted to address this issue. I also decided to focus on removing the toxins from the water rather than removing only water-bourne disease pathogens. 
My project is called Jala, which means water in Bengali (the official language of Bangladesh). A photo of my logo is located above.

Friday, March 25, 2011

ideas/ notes

Hey guys,

Here is my poster idea and some quick notes from our class talk on the posters and concept ideas

The pictures would be very basic everyday things that inspired our products, the white area that talks abot DFIX would be come out and be like a business card with all of the information for our show. I thought this would be nice because a business card size is easy to leave on your desk or display then a poster. The the back of the poster would be black and were the card was would be like a view finder. One could use it to focus in on things in there own environment and how they could change or use it better.

Big corporation it looks like windows in a big corporation

Frame would be the big change, and our projects would be the difference, looking through an image to see the change

View finder was a magnifying glass the images where small, - Sherlock Homes

Looking closely, through, looking at the details,

Affordability – not just the money but the time and resources, the people and how it is put together

Frugal- pushes you to be innovative. Extremeness of economical

Looking and synonymies and anonyms of the word to create an image

Images that deal with extreme/ ridiculously frugal

Something that is luxurious but made out of toilet paper, something grand made out of something very cheap

Water hand pump as in icon, with the handle changes in to an illustration

Clique example of a hybrid- mermaid

Showing a hybrid that combings affordable with innovation

Mind maps-

Sending money to different orgs that relate to our projects to go off the idea of the money box for Japan

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fridge aid

My project deals with a solar powered refrigerator that lasts up to ten days by using surechill technology.
True energy, a company that works with the surechill technology, has also partnered with health organizations and brings the refrigerator filled with fresh vaccines down to remote areas.
My organization is a way to promote this new technology and a way for adults to help donate to this cause.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Lee Never Wasted poster inspiration

More poster Inspiration

HI! That color poster is really cool below! I like the idea of interaction.

I found some posters that can be moved by the viewer to create a related noise. These have a different concept, but the idea is pretty cool. We can design for all the senses!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

poster inspiration

(Obviously different poster design, but similar concept... change with somewhat interactive poster)
Along the lines of small change big difference...
Maybe how each of our projects is making a small difference??
My product is improving education in third world countries. We could each come up with our own slogan that could then be incorprated in group advertisement as well as personal projects. A slogan I am already using for Kudel (the reflective screens) is "reflect knowledge, change education."

Small Change, Big Difference

Here are two concept posters for the tagline "Small Change, Big Difference." The word "change" plays off of the double meaning of change as either coins or difference.

My idea for the DFIX logo is to use the "X" as an arrow. After class discussion today on the theme, I made a few revisions shown here and incorporated a few others' ideas into the imagery, including changing the arrow to point upward representing extremely affordable upward mobility.

This is a possible avenue we can continue to explore! Look forward to seeing more ideas in class on Thursday!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Could not think of a better way to spend spring break.... designing pool side in 85 degree weather with my roommates!! Although hard to focus at times there is nothing more inspiring and stress relieving than this heat :) not looking forward to returning to MN for a busy schedule and sleep deprivation again.

I don't have anything to post for Kudel since last Thursday because I have been working on my 10 page research paper for color seminar that is due tomorrow!! Except I did finalize how everything will be printed for my specialty prints! I am getting stamps made at STS and embossing everything on my own. Therefore printing everything for my Identity system and most of my packaging on my own! The process for my packaging process is about 85% finalized as well. ahh better get back to work!! :/

It's the final push!! Good luck everyone work hard and keep up the good work!!

Friday, March 11, 2011


Sorry if this is a bit hazy to figure out. But my idea would be to actually print the DFIX logo on a penny, as well as GD SENIOR SHOW SPRING 2011. Underneath would be a spelling out of the acronym.

On the bottom we have the layout (just substituted a real penny for now).

On the top is my logo Idea in B&W (with the shape of the penny encircling it).

What do you guys think?

I think this could also be a cool motif (pennies), that could be carried out in a number of applications.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lumin Logo

My project deals with light sanitation. A new technology called High Intensity Narrow Spectrum (HINS) uses a very narrow spectrum of visible light centered on the 405 nm wavelength can destroy bacteria and superbugs, while also being completely harmless for humans without the necessity of any special protection. Naturally a violet hue, HINS-light has been combined with LED lights to create a warm white light. Developed by a research team at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, HINS-light­ can be used in places where bacteria, including airborne, are prone to spreading and in environments where absolute sanitation is necessary. It can also be used in places that are often dirty and difficult to stop germs from spreading, including public and private spaces.

I want to implement this technology because there are many places where constant sanitation is necessary to prevent the spread of bacteria and disease, but not always possible. Since this can be used the same way you use regular indoor lighting, it can be implemented very easily to provide light and sanitation simultaneously at the flip of a switch.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I intend to brand, advertise and promote a new technology of bandages that change color to indicate the state of the wound underneath. Researchers in Germany have created this bandage that turns purple at the first sign of infection. A new wound dressing, developed at the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Modular Solid State Technologies EMFT in Munich, includes a special dye that reacts to different pH values. The new bandage insulates wounds just like any other bandage, but it provides a special window into how a wound is healing. Typically, healthy skin and healed wounds have a slightly acidic pH, around 5 or 6. If this value increases into the alkaline range, that can indicate infection. If the pH value is between 6.5 and 8.5, the new bandage will turn purple. The indicator strip can allow patients and doctors to monitor for infection without having to change dressings. This is an advantage because removing a bandage can let in germs. The next step is to test the strips at a German hospital’s dermatology clinic. Eventually, the researchers want to integrate an optical sensor, which could measure pH values and indicate the results on a screen, providing precise data about whether a wound is getting better.

Wounding yourself can be bad enough, but having to regularly remove the dressing to check for infection can be painful and can also complicate things by exposing the wound and giving germs the chance to enter. Now researchers have developed a new material for dressings and plaster that changes color if an infection arises, making it possible to check wounds without changing the dressing. Almost 100,000 people die every year from hospital infections; by alerting doctors or patients of an infection, mortality from infections will be reduced.

I wanted to give it a logo that has a medical feel, but also an emphasis on color because this product changes color, so color is very important for the consistent visual voice. I will then move towards advertising and packaging. I have not taken a packaging class, but I think that packaging is so important and is very doable due to the small scale of this product. I will then work on media design, content development, application design/programming and process mapping.

Nourish: Final Logo Design

I am doing a healthy eating program/website. Each family/person will have their own 'nourish card' that keeps track of their eating habits and suggests what they can do to eat better.

After countless hours of modifying my type I have come to a final product. Now that the logo is complete it is off to the real designing. Lets go!

What has your experience been thus far?

I'll start. There has been a generally helpful and friendly atmosphere, with constructive criticism and constant feedback throughout the semester. The focus has been refining and finding a good logo, whereas a more multidisciplinary approach may have been better. Now, volume and quantity is important, and filling up that sketchbook is the goal. The task ahead appears daunting, but the stress has not kicked in. One of the most productive times has been outside of class, going for a few beers (sketchbook in tow), and having a good time with the group. The saddest part of this class has to be the bland atmosphere, with the blank walls and sterile feel. The most interesting conversation thus far was in class, concerning Kendell's child prostitution project. It had some moral questions and shocking facts that got the class going. I think now that the cobwebs are out, and the logo's are done, I feel this class can become a well-oiled machine that it should be.

This feels like a ramble, I'll stop now.