Friday, March 11, 2011


Sorry if this is a bit hazy to figure out. But my idea would be to actually print the DFIX logo on a penny, as well as GD SENIOR SHOW SPRING 2011. Underneath would be a spelling out of the acronym.

On the bottom we have the layout (just substituted a real penny for now).

On the top is my logo Idea in B&W (with the shape of the penny encircling it).

What do you guys think?

I think this could also be a cool motif (pennies), that could be carried out in a number of applications.


  1. I think if we work on this concept more we can have something really awesome! How about 'Change the world for less'. I had a really good tag-line last night before I fell asleep. I will post it when it comes back to me.

  2. Yeah, I am all for adding more info. It definitely needs time and place of the event too.

  3. first thing i thought of was "find a penny pick it up, all day long youll have good luck!" haha. but i love the idea that a penny can represent affordability. there have been debates that the penny should be abolished since it doesnt have any significant value, but it has withstood the scrutiny. people like to save pennies- also the idea of coin collecting comes to mind (something that you want to save for a long time to increase value- like design that could stand the test of time). youve really got something going...

  4. Do the Penny and the poster go together? I under stand the concept of the penny I just don't think the look and feel of this design for the poster goes with a penny. The tag line/affordability of the penny idea work well together with the concept of our project I just have a hard time seeing it in the clean sophisticated look of the poster.

    Keep up the hard work everyone!!

  5. What would be funny is that the poster with the penny printed on it would cost more than the concept/product haha.

    Anyways...we could develop a cool penny icon...I could illustrate a fun 'penny' and post it up on here.

    This idea is cool folks but we need to keep ideating...including myself.

  6. Yes the penny and poster go together. I was going for a somewhat discordant (but clean) feel, because I feel it would force a viewer to get up close with it and examine it.

    What are your suggestions for a look and feel that would go better with the concept?

    Haha you are right sollie it would be more expensive. You and your icons.

  7. thinking along the lines of xtreme... I think of extreme sports, x games, or dangerous activities like the movie 127 hours, where the guy has to cut his own arm off.

    I was thinking combining that idea with cheap... and extreme sport combined with affordability... dangerously cheap. Maybe the penny and sky diving kinda thing. Rough thoughts!

  8. steep vs cheap (fake/knock off vs. original/real)

  9. Kaylie, I think that's a viable option, but I think it could go wrong easily if we're not super careful. I could see it looking like cheap thrills (in a bad/trashy way). I know we'd be careful though, just saying.

    I can't remember who, but someone today in class brought up the idea of screen printing something on newspaper. I really like the idea. If done right, incorporating cheap materials into a classy poster would suit what we're doing.