Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Senior Project Meeting 4/12/11

This is the info I gathered at the meeting tonight. If I screwed anything up post the corrections below. Thanks.

Money – To date we have about $600 in the account and we are in need of $300 more. A list of those who have not turned in their money is on the board. So if you forgot if you paid or not we have you covered. Each committee gets about $200 depending on the needs of other committees
Gallery- Tape on floor by the fuse boxes show approx size of gallery spaces. Gallery assignments are on the wall. All switches/ changes must me made and posted on the sheets on the wall by May 3rd Gallery committee is looking to purchase white fabric for the show to cover up walls, and possibly getting some paint to touch up the temporary walls sitting in the GD lab.

Website – Going for a simple layout. Planning on using black and white as the main colors. Brown was suggested to match the posters, however there is a concern how some logos will look on a brown background. File type and dimensions of logos to be submitted for the website is being determined.
            Bio for the website should be submitted as a comment to the Web Bio post on facebook or on the blog. 5-7 sentences 3rd person look at older posts on facebook. Suggestion “Shinde Nagesh Good start! I would like you to talk about your opinions, how you approach a design problem, beliefs and your thoughts and how design will play a bigger role in the future.”
            Project bio/ statement should be posted as a comment to the Project bio/ statement post on facebook or the blog. Refer to the 2009 Senior show pages. http://www2.uwstout.edu/content/art/seniorshow/2009SP/

Food – Done! Should cost around $200

Promotions –
            Poster Design - is pretty much done there is an open ear to any last minute suggestions or changes. We appreciate your feedback.
            Paper – working through Bob Atwell to get paper for free. We are also looking into other sources if we need extra.
            Ink – emailed Paul DeLong to see about getting a large quantity of Black ink. We are also looking into other sources if needed.
            Address labels – We are looking for clear address labels Walmart is a no-go so we are looking to see if Kmart has some. A list of addresses is being compiled. We need everyone to find 5 design firms/businesses to send an invitation to, and submit that soon by next week Tuesday at the latest, No extensions on this deadline.
            Printing – Everyone is helping print the posters in class on Thursday come early/ stay late if you can.

Did I miss anything?

DUE Thursday – Personal Bio and Project Bio for website.
DUE Tuesday – 5 companies/firms to send invitations to.  

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