Monday, April 25, 2011

INFO: For the Website

What I need from everyone for the website

1. Name (first and last)
2. Hometown
3. Portfolio link
4. Project website link
5. Project details (Packaging, Product design, Website/App, etc)

6. Company name
7. 40-60 word description about your company and what they do.

• 1 full color logo image (776x400 pixels at 72 DPI) with plenty of white space
• 3 product/identity images (776x400 pixels at 72 DPI)
• Your personal (face) pic (776x400 pixels at 72DPI)
• Vector AI file of just your logo in dark grey (R: 46 G:46 B:45) and white (R: 255 G: 255 B: 255)

Naming conventions: (Stout ID)
solliej1.jpg (logo)
solliejface.jpg (profile image)

All of the photos need to be color corrected and photoshopped because I don't have time to sort through 150 photos and do them individually.

All content needs to be emailed to Sollie by Friday at 5pm.


Email Subject line: DFIX Website

Thanks much!

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