Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4-19-11 Meeting Minutes

1. Attendance
a. We are now taking attendance at the Tuesday evening meetings and sending it to Nagesh. He wanted to include participation points in our grade…. So try and make it to those meetings!!!!
2. Advertising
a. We are looking for different ways to get out the word about our show.
i. Radio (z100) – still need a contact to call them.
ii. Campus Life Today – Jen T.
iii. Channel 20 Slideshow – Jen T.
iv. Stoutonia – Phillip
3. Gallery Spaces
a. Fabric to cover windows downstairs?
b. Purchase white paint to cover divider walls
c. People in the center space in the gallery-contact gallery committee to see guidelines for walls/space/questions.
4. Tape
a. Everyone is bringing different kinds of tape to the next Tuesday night meeting that we could hang the posters with. If you have any ideas of a good brand tape that would stick well, please purchase and bring it. We will be testing on Tuesday.
5. Glass Case next to Gallery
a. Brown Paper in back wall with the white portion screenprinted
b. Center glass panel – vinyl cut of front of poster (Hannah H.)
6. Signage in building
a. Posters hanging above head in hallway (Isabelle and Jenny R.)
b. Signage Outside Room 119
i. Progression of imperfections in poster
ii. We ruled out vinyl cut on ground
iii. Other ideas?

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